Bushiroad has announced Extra Booster H: Vol 2 –Shadow vs Hero for its Future Card Buddyfight TCG, which focuses exclusively on Hero World, will arrive on August 14.
The new series arc H releases began this month and introduced Hero World and the new "Secret" rarity cards.  The next release, FCB: Extra Booster H: Vol 1 – Miracle Impack! (see “'FCB: Extra Booster H: Vol 1--Miracle Impack!'”), contains Hero World cards, but this second Extra Booster focuses exclusively on the Hero World deck type.

The 69-card set (BR:1 / SP FLAG:5 / RRR: 4 / RR: 8 / R: 21 / U:30) includes SP: 3 (Parallel).  Each 6-card pack will include two R or above cards, and this set includes no common cards.  Parallel foils of Uncommon and Rare cards are inserted randomly in packs.  Each display contains 15 packs.  One PR card (1 of 3 designs) will be randomly inserted in each display.

The Sneak Preview Kit available with this release will include 40 booster packs (5 packs per player, 8+1 Hero World promotional cards) and 2 exclusive Hero World playmats.  The Sneak Preview event will be held August 7 - 9.